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Recently, Black Hole H1743–322 was caught shooting “bullets of gas” at close to a quarter of the speed of light into space. Since this discovery, I have proposed a theory. The theory is that black holes are actually worm holes. Since Black hole H1743-322 shot this out of itself, this does mean that things could escape black holes, which also means things have the capabilities of surviving the gravity and not being crushed.

There are approximately 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1024) Stars In The Universe, and at least a little over a dozen black holes have been discovered, as well as maybe thousands more waiting to be discovered. This comes to what I call the Trade of Universes. If Black holes Are Constantly Sucking stars, planets, light, etc. up into it, then that would mean that our universe is losing more than its gaining. This would conclude that to stabilize the amount of items within our universe, which than black holes would also have to spit out items just as well.

Now, comes the difficult part of the theory. How do we not know that the black hole just sucked the gas up from our universe, and just spit it back out. Well, you cannot suck something up, and spit it out at the same time. What I suppose, from analysis from our own planet, is that somehow the black hole could be devised up of some sort of magnetic/gravitational force.

Take a Look at the bullet train. The train is pushed by opposing magnetic fields, in which causes the train to float. Since it floats, it goes a lot faster than normal trains, because the ground can’t provide the friction to the train to prevent it from going faster. Another thing that dictates the speed is the strength of the magnetic field. The stronger, the faster. 

The gas that Black Hole H1743-322 shot out was a bipolar jet of plasma {ionized gas}. Scientists predicted that this would affect the magnetic fields within planets. Since this gas has some effects with magnetic fields, which would mean that there is some sort of magnetism within the black hole.

In addition to the possibility that theoretically black holes may be composed of plasma, I have come to realize that another possible affliction to the black holes could be anti-matter. All though little is known about this subject, I believe that anti-matter is a tribute to black holes, considering anti-matter makes up about 90% of the universe.

 Black Holes are suspected to contain no matter, just pure mass, causing strong levels of gravity. This cannot be possible, since as mentioned before in this theory, there is some lacking of gravity, for things to escape. What I suggest, is that black holes are affiliated with anti-matter, since this is negative matter.