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Well, I Made This Site Simply Because I Have A Very Strong Love For Aircraft And Since There Is No Actual Confirmed List Of Every Aircraft Ever Built, Ive Taken It Upon Myself To Do This. However, I Cant Do This All At Once So Itll Be Done In A Month Or So, No Promises....Rome Wasnt Built In A Day You Know. 

Recently, I was asked What the White clouds Were that Planes Emitted From Behind. Heres Whats Going On. The clouds that jets form on certain days are called condensation trails or contrails. Some days, the contrails will form thin lines that cross the entire sky. Other days they will be much shorter, and on some days there will be none at all.

A contrail forms because one of the components of jet engine exhaust is water. Jet fuel is made of carbon and hydrogen ( When jet fuel burns with oxygen, most of the exhaust consists of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2O (water). The water is generally an invisible vapor.

When you exhale, your breath contains a great deal of invisible water vapor as well. You may have noticed that on certain days in the winter, your breath will form a cloud of condensation when you exhale. In the summer, however, you don't see your breath. Cold air can hold a lot less moisture than warm air, so in the winter, when the moisture in your breath hits the cold air, the moisture condenses into a visible cloud.

The same thing happens when a jet engine "exhales." If the temperature, winds and humidity in the upper atmosphere are right, long, white contrails form when the moisture in the exhaust condenses.Thats How it Works, And Thanks for reading!



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